RoboMasterPy: Python library and framework for RoboMaster EP

Release v0.1.0. (Installation)

RoboMasterPy is a Python library and framework for RoboMaster EP.

The library(client) is straightforward to use:

>>> import robomasterpy as rm

# IP of RoboMaster is detected under router mode
>>> cmd = rm.Commander()

# check RoboMaster's API version
>>> cmd.version()

>>> cmd.get_robot_mode()

# ensure your Robomaster has enough room to move
>>> cmd.chassis_move(x=-1, z=30)

# activate video streaming,
# which can be handled by the framework.

# activate gimbal attitude push at 5Hz,
# which can be handled by the framework.
>>> cmd.gimbal_push_on(attitude_freq=5)

# Watch out!
>>> cmd.blaster_fire()

The framework deals with video streaming, push and event, provides a high-level interface for controlling and communication. You can build your controlling logic basing on it, for example:

RoboMasterPy Goalkeeper

Health and Safety Notice

  • Your Robomaster may hurt people or pet, break stuffs or itself;

  • Make sure your RoboMaster has enough room to move; make sure the ground is clear;

  • Start slowly, avoid using high speed for debugging;

  • Use cushion;

  • Stay safe and have fun!


RoboMasterPy is a fan work, and it has no concern with DJI.

DJI, RoboMaster are trademarks of SZ DJI Technology Co., Ltd.


RoboMasterPy was developed during a RoboMaster EP developing contest. The author would like to thank DJI for hardware and technical support.


RoboMasterPy is released under MIT license.